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We live in a fast paced Online World where Millions of people a day are thrust into action by compelling authentic content that resonates with them.  I have evaluated the online strategies for 1000’s of websites and I know exactly what it takes to differentiate yourself and engage your customers.  

Be Authentic, Be Nice, Know your Audience

My speciality is conceptualizing elegant, user friendly digital solutions that deliver real results.  Around seventy-five percent of businesses do not sell products online, my expertise is strategies that allow them to still convert through their online presence.  This means a coherent, well- articulated website, a complete Google profile, and a consistent brand identity that is well represented across relevant platforms.  Contact me and let’s talk about how I can help your business and brand grow!


2009-2013: McGrathAutoGroup | Business Development
2013 – 2015: GoDaddy | Technical Support
2015-2018: GoDaddy | Office 365 Support/ Productivity Consultant
2017 – FreeLance –WebDesign & Brand Strategy

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