Come on in, We’re Not Secure…Said no business owner ever……

With the passing of new privacy laws in other countries, the standard for acceptable website security has made a dramatic shift over the last 6 months. Whereas just a few years ago, Security certificates for your website were typical only for e-commerce websites, they are now virtually required for all business websites. Threats of online identity theft and fraud have led consumers and business partners to demand assurance that personal, financial and business data remains safe. With these new changes in internet standards, web browsers are giving websites that use HTTPS a leg up and are actively distrusting insecure sites that remain on HTTP, labeling them as “Not Secure” in the address bar.  



In addition to the launch of “https everywhere” a free browser extension that keeps you in encrypted territory, Google has flagged all websites that do not provide a secure connection as “Not Secure.”  This warning is a total conversation killer and is just one of many disadvantages to not securing your website. Security Certificates play a role in search rank, ability to share, and are flat out banned on many networks.

One good way to know if your web developer is paying attention to changing trends is to evaluate the level of security they have provided you with. If your website has been published as “http://yourdomain rather than https://yourdomain. IT is VERY likely costing you traffic and something you should resolve immediately. The video below offers some more insight. Feel free to reach out to encrypt your website, this is a process I have helped many with and can assist your organization with as well!

Cheers to safe browsing!

The Video below explains it better than I can.

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